The First BSC token that will be reward in POLKADOT with auto-claim feature. Hold your Rhino tokens in your wallet and you will earn $DOT automatically in every 60 min.

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 You can track your earnings, next payout dates on our DAPP.


Static reward in polkadot:

Get 5% reward after every transaction in Polkadot by holding your RHINO tokens.

You will be rewarded automatically in every 60 min. Just add $DOT to your crypto wallet.

Auto- Liquidity pool and Charity System

2 % of each transaction will go to liquidity pool to raising the price floor and protect the price from dumps.

Stand up for an important cause: 1% of transactions donate to Rhino defence organisation to help protect the last pieces of White Rhinos.
The contract automatically swap the charity funds to BNB, so you never have to worry about dumps from our Charity founds.

Auto – Burn Mechanism:

$RHINO is an auto - deflationary token, we will burn 1 % of the fees after each transaction. This means that your token will be worth more and more after each transaction.

Whale and Dump protection:

We have a unique defence system to protect the community from Dumps and Whale manipulations.
Each wallet can hold max. 2% of the initial supply and can't sell more then 0.25% at the same time. After a sell can't repeat sell for 30 min.
Another feature is that we use different Buy and Sell taxes to confine Swing -Trading. 2 % more tax on sales so you will earn more $DOT.

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Pre - Sale










Phases - Our RoadMap

01. Phase - Launch

Phase 01 55%

Planning and Development

Token Deployment

Website Launch

Pre-Sale Partnership

Mini IDO

Public IDO

Token Launch on DEX

Contract Audit

Reach 1000 Holders

Community building

Community Giveaways

Staking pool/Farm on DEX

Coingecko, Coinmarketcap Listing

Marketing Push – Twitter,Tiktok,Youtube influencers

02. Phase - Development

Phase 02 15%

Dashboard Launch

Reach 3000 Holders

Own Exchange Interface

First Charity Partnership

Community Events – Earn more $DOT during the event.

10 million+ Market Cap

Chart On DAPP


03. Phase - Rise

Phase 02 0%

Second Charity Partnership

Billboard Marketing

Project Ambassadors

Refferal System

Major CEX Listing

50 million+ Market Cap

Reach 10000 Holders 

Merch Store – The amount raised will be donated to charity.

Download Metamask or TrustWallet

Download MetaMask a crypto wallet exetension or TrustWallet on your phone. After that you will have to add the Binance Smart Chain to your network-list on your wallet.

Buy BNB on an exchange and transfer it on your Metamask wallet.

Swap BNB to $RHINO

Use our Contract Address and swap your tokens to $RHINO on PancakeSwap V2.

Hold $RHINO and earn $DOT

The last thing is to add $RHINO and $DOT to your Metamask wallet and track your earnings.

Why we are unique ?

Get your rewards in Polkadot every hour.

Comfortable passive income generating system.

Safest Whale and Dump protection